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Title Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A First Look at the Linkage Data of Japanese Patent and Enterprise Census
Author Motohashi Kazuyuki
Volume 29 (2016) , 1
Pages 26  Pages
Keywords Enterprise Census, Patent database, Entry and exit of firms
Abstract This paper presents the results of a comprehensive analysis of the innovation activities of the entire population of Japanese firms with the use of a linked dataset from the Establishment and Enterprise Census and the Institute of Intellectual Property Patent Database (Japan Patent Office patent application data). In 2006, approximately 1.4% of approximately 4.5 million firms filed for patents, and substantial patenting activities were observed not only in the manufacturing field but also in other sectors, such as business-to-business services and finance. In addition, firm survival and growth are regressed with patenting and open innovation (mea- sured by the joint patent application with other firms and univer- sities). Results show that innovation activities measured by patent- ing are positively correlated with firm performance. Furthermore, the relationship between patenting and survival rate is strong for large firms, whereas that between patenting and firm growth is strong for small firms.
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